Sidekick All Versions CD

For anyone who wishes to have the program immediately, I will send a link to download the individual programs from an FTP Server. If you take that option, it is 15 and includes the Program, the Patch if needed for that version and the relevant Sidekick Manual and the Install instructions. if you want two different version of the Program and the relevant Patch(s) and Manuals the price is 20

The Manuals that are provided, are as follows (and presume that you already registered your original copy):

  1. Sidekick95 / SKW2Sidekick95 Icon
  2. Sidekick97 / Internet SidekickSidekick97 / Internet Sidekick Icon
  3. Sidekick98Sidekick98 Icon
  4. Sidekick99Sidekick99 Icon

If you choose this option, there is a charge of 30 for the Disk but that does include postage to anywhere.

The following items are on the CD:

Below are links to the 2 FAQ pages which it is a good idea to read.

Go to FAQPage1

Go to FAQPage2

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