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Q01 An error occurred during the move data process
Q02 Backing up and Restoring user data in Sidekick 98
Q03 Backing up data in Sidekick 99
Q04 Can I get a replacement disk for Sidekick 99?
Q05 Can the SDK99 Calendar be Exported?
Q06 Cardfile/Contacts Questions & Answers
Q07 Common Calendar questions
Q08 Common Internet Group Scheduling Questions
Q09 Contact Log entries are not entered in the correct date sequence
Q10 Contact logs from previous versions
Q11 Converting Sidekick DOS Files to SK Win3.x & Win95
Q12 Dashboard 95 update
Q13 Data Corruption Procedures For Sidekick 98 Calendar
Q14 ETWIN error occurs when Sidekick 99 is left open for a long period of time
Q15 Error: "Invalid file to complete this action! mast:wk"
Q16 How can I tell whether I’ve got the updated version of Sidekick 99?
Q17 I cannot use the "W X Y Z" index in my cardfile
Q18 Internet Utilities manual
Q19 Is Sidekick compatible with WindowsXP?
Q20 Is Sidekick compatible with WindowsXP?
Q21 Memo Questions & Answers
Q22 Message - "HotSync Error: Failed local synch notification. (8009)
Q23 Message - "HotSync was interrupted. Some of the data was NOT backed up
Q24 Msg: "CardWizard did not detect any Plug ‘n Play components on your sy
Q25 Msg: A required DLL file, SFRES.DLL was not found
Q26 Msg: Can not find the file I cityinfo.dat

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Q27 Msg: "HOTSYNC caused an invalid page fault in module
Q28 Msg: "Severe - This installation has detected that a
previous install" (etc, etc)
Q29 Opening SKW1, SKW2, SK95 and SK97 files in Sidekick 98
Q30 PCMCIA driver for Windows 2000
Q31 Purchase of Sidekick 97, 98 or 99
Q32 REX: Events appearing at wrong time
Q33 Sidekick 1.0 for Windows and Files from YourWay
Q34 Sidekick 95 manual
Q35 Sidekick 97 manual
Q36 Sidekick 98 manual
Q37 Sidekick 99 - Supported Import File Formats
Q38 Sidekick 99 Manual
Q39 Sidekick for Windows 2.0 update
Q40 Specifications of Sidekick 98
Q41 Specifications of Sidekick 1.0 for Windows
Q42 TSCONTROL.DLL error in TrueSync Plus
Q43 The text in the weekly and monthly views of the
calendar is not word wrapped
Q44 To Do display problem
Q45 To Do items do not forward
Q46 To Do items do not forward in Win 2000
Q47 TrueSync for Rex: Windows XP Compatibility?
Q48 Vintage Products
Q49 What will I need in order to synch my Palm Device
with Sidekick 99?
Q50 What’s required to use Sidekick 98 to sync another
device with Palm Device
Q51 Where do I get Sidekick?
Q52 Where do I get support for my REX device?
Q53 WinNT-Does Sidekick 99 support NTFS?
Q54 sdataobj.dll error
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An error occurred during the move data process

If during installation of Sidekick 99, the message, "An error occurred during the move data process is displayed on screen.
Restart Windows, delete any *.TMP files left remaining in the Windows Temp folder, and then
re-run the Sidekick 99 installation.


How do I back up and restore my user data in Sidekick 98?

To backup files in Sidekick 98, you will want to use the Sidekick 98 Backup and Restore utility. To launch it, choose:
File | Back Up and Restore.
Back Up and Restore is a simple, yet powerful, feature. You choose which files you want to copy or back up, and choose the location to copy them to. Later, when you are ready to bring those files back to their original directories, Sidekick 98 puts them back in the proper locations.
After the first time you use Back Up and Restore, Sidekick 98 remembers which files you backed up or restored most recently, and displays them as the default files for backing up or restoring.
You must close Sidekick 98 before you can run Back Up and Restore. If you choose File | Back Up and Restore from within Sidekick 98, you will be prompted to close Sidekick 98 first and you will then be able to continue. You can also run Back Up and Restore as a stand-alone application from your Sidekick 98 program group. To access it, choose Start | Programs | Sidekick 98 | Backup & Restore.

Backing Up

To back up files, follow these steps:
1. Save your open files.
2. Choose File | Back Up And Restore.
At the opening dialog box, choose Back Up and click Next.
3. Choose the files to back up in the Back Up dialog box.
By default, Sidekick 98 looks in the Userdata folder. However, you may want to back up other information, such as resource files, which are located in the Resource folder. You can navigate to the resource folder by clicking the Browse button to the right of the Source file directory.
4. After you’ve selected all the files you want to back up and specified the directory to back them up to, click Begin.
If you need to close Sidekick 98, you will be prompted to do so. After that, click the Begin button again and Sidekick 98 will back up the files that you specified.
If you are backing up to a floppy disk, you might run out of disk space for all your files. If this happens, Sidekick 98 copies your files across multiple disks, prompting you to insert as many as needed.


To place backed-up files onto a second computer, or to restore files to your primary computer:
1. Choose File | Back Up And Restore. At the opening dialog box, choose Restore and click Next.
Notice that each file to be restored already indicates its own destination directory.
You can change the destination directory before you add files to the Restore list if you do not wish to overwrite the ones you were currently using.
2. When ready, click Begin. If you are currently running Sidekick 98, you will be prompted to close Sidekick 98. You will then be able to proceed. If you are restoring from multiple disks, Back Up and Restore prompts you to insert the disks in the correct order. If some of the files that should be restored are missing, it will notify you.

Sidekick’s Files
This document refers to a "Memo Write file" or "Calendar file" as a single file, but each of these is actually composed of several files. When you create new Calendar files or Memo Write files, Sidekick 98 creates and maintains these extra files automatically

Memo Write Files
A Memo Write file is made up of *.SKWrite, *.SKContent, and *.SKNoteHeader. The asterisk represents the name you give the file when you save it from the Memos view. A fourth file with the extension .SKTmpContent is a temporary file that exists only as long as that Memo Write file is open. Back Up and Restore does not back it up. Memo Write files are listed without an extension in Sidekick 98, so they appear as one file.
If you have an AUTOMATED BACKUP routine then it is a good idea to backup this Temp File at the same time too but save the entire set of Write files in their own folder including this one as it is easier to identify them.

Calendar Files

Your "Calendar file" is actually up to nine files in the XXXX????.SKW format, where XXXX stands for your name or initials (which can actually be shorter eg XX if you saved it with only 2 initials).
When saving, opening, backing up, or restoring calendar files, Sidekick 98 lists XXXX as the name of the calendar.
The ???? part of the file name stands for the type of calendar file, as listed here:
· XXXXEVEN.SKW Appointments
· XXXXRECR.SKW Recurring Activities
· XXXXINIT.SKW Calendar Settings (includes print settings)
· XXXXCSCA.SKW Personal list definitions
· XXXXDATA.SKW Special days and multi-day events


Unlike calendars and Write documents, cardfiles are single files. A cardfile is saved with the name you give it and the extension .SKCard. Cardfiles are listed without their extensions in Back Up and Restore.
Bear in mind that when backing up cardfile information, template settings will not be backed up.The files containing Address book, Envelope, and Label template information must be manually backed up if you want to be able to use these in the future.
These files are:
1. Address Book Templates: skwph2.skw
2. Envelope Templates: skwnv2.skw
3. Label Templates: skwlb2.skw
These files are stored (by default) in the C:\Program files\Starfish\Sidekick 98\data\ directory.
Report Files

The Label contents are actually part of the Cardfile and are saved with the Cardfile so they can be backed up by copying and then deleting all the cards and saving the blank cardfiles in a backup folder as Cardblank1 , 2 etc (wow what original names!).
In the event of corruption in the original cardfile they can be opened and all the cards dragged into them and then Save As under the original cardfile name..

Report files

Like cardfiles, Report files are single files. A report is saved with the name you give it and the extension .RPT.
(Report Templates are saved under the extension .TPT)

Resource Files

There are three types of resource files, all of which are located in the Resource folder:
*.skr Master list of all resources available to you
*.skd Detailed information for those resources you manage
*.dat Information on resources that have been recently transferred

Expense Files

Expense files are listed under [Others] They have the extension .SKExpense.
Back Up and Restore Files
When Back Up and Restore copies files, it creates and places a .LOG file alongside the copied files. This file allows Back Up and Restore to keep track of the files that have been backed up or restored. Back Up and Restore creates and accesses this file automatically, so you don’t need to worry about copying or updating it.

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How do I Back up my data in Sidekick 99


To make a backup of your Calendar, first make a note of the name and location of your Calendar, then choose File | Save Calendar As
or just press F12
Then choose the folder you would like to save the files to. If you are saving the files to floppy disk, you will need to choose the correct drive as well. Sidekick will then make a copy of your Calendar in that folder.
If you take the disk out after this the calendar will become unavailable, so to return to the original Calendar, you will need to tell Sidekick to open it again. To do so, choose File | Open Calendar, then choose the original Folder and your usual Calendar.


To make a backup of your Contacts file, first make a note of the name and location of the file, then choose File | Save Cardfile As and choose the folder you would like to save the file to. If you are saving the file to floppy disk, you will probably need to choose the correct drive as well. Sidekick will then make a copy of your Contacts file in that folder. To return to your usual copy of the Contacts file, you will need to tell Sidekick to open it again. To do so, choose File | Open Cardfile, then choose your usual Contacts file. You will then want to close the backup copy of the file. To do so, click the tab of the backup file to make it the current Contacts file, then choose
File | Close Cardfile.
Since the tabs of the backup file and the usual file will display the same name, Check the window title to see which file is which. The title is above the menu options. The file name and location will be displayed after Sidekick 99

Note: The files that store information for the various print templates in your Contacts files are separate from the Contacts files themselves. These files should be backed up as well.
You can use Windows Explorer to back up these files. Simply copy these files to the folder where you have made the backup copy of your Contacts file. You will find these files in your Sidekick 99\Data folder.If you ever have to reinstall Sidekick, be sure to copy these files back to the Sidekick 99\Data folder.
The three files which store the template information are:
skwlb2.skw file = Label Templates
skwnv2.skw file = Envelope Templates
skwph2.skw file = Address Book Templates
To make a backup of your Memos file, first make a note of the name and location of the file, then choose File | Save Memo File Asand choose the folder you would like to save the file to. If you are saving the file to floppy disk, you will probably need to choose the correct drive as well. Sidekick will then make a copy of your Memos file in that folder. To return to your usual Memos file, you will need to tell Sidekick to open it again. To do so, choose File | Open Memos File,then choose your usual Memos file.
The Userdata folder:
Alternatively, if all of your Sidekick data is saved to your
Sidekick 99\Userdata folder, you can simply make a copy of the whole folder. This would make a backup copy of all of your data files at once and you would not need to re-specify which files to open again in Sidekick.
Warning! You would still need to copy the three Contacts template files stored in the Sidekick 99\Data folder.

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Can I get a replacement disk for Sidekick 99?

If you own a copy of Sidekick 99 and need to obtain a replacement copy,
Use the following link which is an ftp site:
But the link is not available at this time June 1st 2003
Apparently the TruSync program which is distributed with some Motorola Phones is a cut down version of Sidekick99 without the Calendar section so check out the Motorola site for that.

Can the SDK99 Calendar be Exported to another program?

The SDK99 Calendar does not have an Export feature although it can Importfrom ACT, Outlook, Lotus Organizer and Schedule+
GoTo: File | Import Calendar
Subject: 06Cardfile_Contacts Commmon Questions and Answers SDK98.txt
Cardfile_Contacts Common Questions and Answers SDK98

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Q: The information in Cardfile and Write extends across the screen and covers the Sidekick 98 icons on the right side of the screen. The Sidekick 98 screen appears normal when EarthTime, Calendar, Expense, or Activities is selected. Why is this happening?
A: Most likely, there is a problem with the SKLAYOUT.SKW file in the Program Files\Sidekick 98\data folder. To resolve, exit SIDEKICK 98, using Windows Explorer, rename SKLAYOUT.SKW to SKLAYOUT.OLD, then restart SIDEKICK 98. A new default SKLAYOUT.SKW will then be created.

Q: I have two friends named "Brown" in my cardfile. Tom Brown, and Jim Brown. I also have a friend named Jim Black. When I use Contact Manager to search for activities for Jim Brown, I see activities for all three.
A: Sidekick 98 is designed to display any occurrence of Jim and Brown, since some users may sometimes schedule meetings with Jim, or with Jim Brown.

Q: When the monitor setting is 1024x768 pixels, Large Fonts, the Viewport window in Contacts View never opens (the arrow is always pointing down).
A: Switch to small fonts to resolve that issue.

Q: There is no help button in the Copy Special Setup dialog. Pressing Fl does not work
either. What can I do?
A: Select Help | Search from the menu bar, and type in "Copy Special Setup Command" and you will find detailed help.

Q: Sidekick 98 will not pick up e-mail as a type of Internet address. Why is that?
A: Sidekick 98 is looking for specific cardfile field names. These are: Internet, Exchange, CompuServe or AOL. Because an e-mail field can have an address for a proprietary e-mail system that Sidekick 98 is not designed to work with, that address type is not used.

Q: When I launch Netscape Navigator from a URL in a cardfile and close Sidekick 98, if I check the running applications list, Sidekick 98 is still listed. Why is that?
A: Sidekick 98 needs about 5 seconds to completely close.

Q: When I right click while in a cardfile, Netscape Communicator 4.0 is not in the list of e-mail clients in the "Send To" menu option although it is installed on my system. Why is that?
A: Netscape Communicator 4.0 is currently not one of the supported e-mail clients for the "Send To" feature.

Q: Why can I not I see all of the buttons on the Toolbar when I add every button in Cardfile view?
A: The Toolbar can only display a specific number of buttons depending on where it is docked and how many separators you have specified. Simply remove some of the buttons or separators.

Q: In Tools | General Preferences, I have set up Sidekick 98 to remember the last active Deskpad view. However, in Cardfile, when I’m working on a card full screen (edit view), exit and restart Sidekick 98, cardfiles appear with the list of index tabs (index view). Why is that?
A: That is by design. It allows you to see what is in the cardfile when you enter the Cardfile view.

Q: HELP says that attendees at an online meeting can be chosen from, among others, my Netscape Address Book. But when I clicked MORE in the attendee dialog box to browse for the Netscape folder, the types of files Sidekick 98 recognized was limited and would not pick up any files in the Netscape folder. Am I doing something wrong?
A: This applies to Eudora, Netscape and Exchange address books, which should be imported from Internet | Exchange, Netscape, etc. and saved as a Sidekick 98 Cardfile first. In addition, those cardfiles should be open when scheduling events.

Q: In Contacts View, choose Tools | Preferences | General. Click the Fonts button, select a different font, and click Apply. The font change is not applied. Why is that?
A: You must click OK for the font change to be applied.
Subject: 07Common Calendar questions SDK98.txt
Common Calendar questions SDK98

Q: I opened my Sidekick for Windows 2.0 and/or Sidekick 95 files in Sidekick 98, and later tried to open them in the earlier version again, but was unable to. Why?
A: Once Sidekick 2.0 for Win 3.x and Sidekick 95 calendar files and cardfiles are opened in Sidekick 98, they are updated to the Sidekick 98 format and should not be reopened in Sidekick 2.0 for Win 3.x or Sidekick 95. We strongly recommend making backup copies of your calendar files before importing into Sidekick 98.

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Common Calendar Questions

Q: Why is there a due date for To Do Items when I did not select one?
A: The default setting for due dates on To Do Items is set to on. If you would like to turn this setting off, Edit the To Do Item and check the No Due Date checkbox.

Q: I am getting the error "File Name is Invalid" when trying to save my calendar. What is wrong?
A: If you are getting this error message it means that the file name and path to the file exceed the permissible number of characters. Try a shorter name, or try saving the file to a folder (directory) which is not as many subdirectory levels deep.

Q: I like to use various .WAV files in my Sidekick alarms. I know that the .WAV files should be in the Windows\Media folder, but how many of the .WAV files can be seen by Sidekick 98?
A: Sidekick 98 will see the first 128 .WAV files in the Windows\Media folder.

Q: My recurring appointments which were imported from Outlook 97 do not have a recurring appointment icon. Is something wrong with these appointments?
A: Nothing is wrong with the appointments. Recurring appointments imported from Outlook 97 will not have a recurring appointment icon.

Q: I’ve set the country to Germany, and language to German in Windows 95 Control Panel. When stamping items to the card log, why does the list separator appear as a ; (semicolon) instead of a comma?
A: Items stamped to the card log do not pick up the list separator from the International Settings.

Q: I added a recurring event that Occurs both before and after today, and hit Cancel.
However, the event was still added to the calendar for days before today.
A: When you have full call or To Do lists, and you add a recurring event that occurs both before and after the current date, if you hit Cancel the event will still be added to the calendar for any date that occurs before the current date.

Q: How can I enter the call status if I’m not able to in the recurring calls dialog?
A: You must go to each occurrence and open the daily call entry box to assign a status.

Q: Why is the first character, of the appointment description slightly cut off? Why aren’t the Paper clip and alarm icons showing? Also, why is the first character of the due date under the To Do column slightly cut off"?
A: This is most likely related to your video driver. To test, switch your monitor type to Standard VGA. If the problem goes away, an updated video driver will solve the problem completely.

Q: For some system configurations, the icon color of To Do items, Calls, and Appointments in Weekly and Monthly view are off.
A: The color of icons may look slightly different when used on different machines.

Q: Clicking on menu items Report | ... or Tools | Contact manager causes my machine to beep after I drag & drop cards to the Calendar title areas of To Do, Calls etc. Why is this?
A: This will occur for some users who do not have sound cards

Q: My alarms aren’t working. What do I do?
A: Alarms will not sound if you have not loaded the Calendar view into memory. You can eliminate this by selecting Calendar as the default opening view.

Q: When I select several To Do Items or Calls, and then click somewhere else in the Calendar view, a short black line appears below the first characters in each of the selected items.
A: These small lines will disappear when switching to another view, and back to Calendar.

Q: I am not sure what .sk1 files are, but they don’t seem to be unique with long filenames. For example, I have the following three files in my Userdata directory: person~1., person~2.ske and personal.sk1. Which file is associated with the .sk1?
A: SK1 is a backup file produced when you use Sidekick 98 to open/convert a Sidekick 1.0 cardfile.

Q: Why can’t I edit recurring events?
A: Based on user feedback, we opted to make single events editable at the expense of all events in the group. The workaround would be to enter another event, and delete the original.

Q: Can I import my Schedule+ file?
A: Yes. However, Sidekick 98 will only import one year’s worth of data.

Q: When I click in a To Do or Call box, right click to edit, and then cancel out, the insertion line, or cursor, is no longer there.
A: Click on the area again, and the cursor will appear.

Q: How do I get a To Do Item "enter date" to appear? If I enter a To Do (or a goal), and check the No Due Date box, a date appears for enter date. I’d like it to be there by default. (Also, when I then uncheck the No Due Date box, the date for enter date stays)
A: This is by design. The workaround would be to check the No Due Date box.

Q: The Enter Date for a ToDo or Call is shown as in the year 1995!
A: This has happened since the millenium and is not fixed by the SK98 Patch

Q: I deleted all past and future occurrences of an event. Why does it still appear in the
Recurring Appointments List? Shouldn’t it behave like any one-time event at this point?
A: This is working as designed. If you’d like to remove it from the Recurring Appointments List, you’ll need to delete all occurrences.

Q: I’ve set up several categories and assigns for To Do items, but when I view them, they’re cut off after 8 characters. Is this correct?
A: Yes. The display limit for that field is 8 characters.

Q: If I have more than 23 special days (or combination of special days and multi-day events) for any one day, my calendar appointments area completely disappears.
A: The workaround would be to shrink the window and then maximize it again, which will make the special/multi events list scrollable. However, we recommend showing a maximum of 20 special days and multi-day events on any one-day.

Q: I recently synchronized two calendars, and the older appointments in the calendar I was working in were overwritten by the appointments from the new calendar.
A: If you synch two calendars with full appointment slots, the appointments that were in the calendar that is open overwrite the appointments that are in the other Calendar. This is by design.

Q: Why is it that I call enter phone calls in the calls list on any line, and they’re automatically moved to the top, and To Do items remain where I entered them?
A: The To Do list in Sidekick 98 does not have the same auto-sort feature in the Calls List. (Suppress blank spaces is part of auto-sort)

Q: I was using a Schedule+ Calendar, with Insert Event and Insert Annual events. When I imported my Schedule+ Calendar-, they were not imported as Multi-day events and Special days as I expected.
A: All entries in Schedule+ are imported into the Calendar, but not into the Multi-day or anniversary file. These types of events are brought into the appointments file (*even.skw) and entered as 8 a.m. appointments

Q: When I select Calendar | Delete and specify, Events, all events get deleted including Group Scheduling events. However, no notification is sent out to event participants.
A: Correct. We recommend deleting group events from activity view.

Q: Why is it that when I try and delete an event that is already marked as complete, I receive a message asking if I want to notify the initiator? Shouldn’t the marked-as-complete status mean the event has already passed?
A: This is by design. Some users have suggested this as they may complete the agenda items before the event takes place.

Common Internet Group Scheduling Questions SDK98

Q: What e-mail clients will Setup Wizard find on my system?
A: The e-mail systems recognized by the Setup Wizard are the following: Eudora Pro, Eudora Light, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Internet Mail, Pegasus, Netscape Mail.

Q: Where are messages queued, and why? Clicking send/receive enabled e-mail to be checked and received, but nothing sent out that I could see.
A: There are two queuing options for outgoing messages. If you’re using MS Exchange, outgoing messages are queued in your Outbox, while copies of all Sidekick 98 messages are stored in an Internet Sidekick folder in Exchange. If you’re using any other e-mail client, Sidekick 98 creates Inbox and Outbox folders in the Sidekick 98\Resource folder.

Q: I sent a group scheduling message to my account at, and sent back a reply, but Sidekick 98 didn’t process it, because the reply looked like it came from However, when I sent mail to midway, and then sent a reply back, it worked. What’s happening?
A: Certain e-mail systems may present a problem for Sidekick 98. For example, the system at the University of Chicago is set up with one main machine (midway) which is supposed to receive and send mail, and then direct the mail to one of four other machines that students have their accounts on. However, mail can be directly sent to those machines as well. If a reply looks like it came from a different domain or different host at a domain, Sidekick 98 won’t be able to process it.

Q: When I send a reschedule request in response to a Group Scheduling message, why can’t I see any of the times I propose after the message leaves?
A: You’ll receive confirmation of the rescheduled appointment’s time once the reschedule request is received and returned.

Q: Why does Sidekick 98 make the "New Mail Envelope" icon appear in the system tray
of the Windows 95 taskbar when there’s nothing in my inbox?
A: For MS Exchange users, Sidekick 98 "sees" the Group Scheduling event message and moves it to the Activities View. The "New Mail Envelope" icon should disappear, but doesn’t due to an Exchange bug.

Q: Why can’t I see who delegated an appointment to me?
A: Sidekick 98 will only show this information t the first two delegates. If you delegate a message twice in a row (from original recipient to first delegate, and from first delegate to second delegate), the second delegate does not appear on the originator’s machine.

Q: I’m a Schedule+ user and I’ve configured Schedule+ for group scheduling. I get Schedule+ dialog when receiving a Sidekick 98 message, however, some events are inaccurate.
A: This is because Schedule+ understands GMT format only. If a Sidekick 98 user invites a Schedule+ user in Katmandu, Mexico City, and some Australian time zones, for example, the appointment time will be off, per shipping Windows 95 settings. Time zones have been updated since then.

Q: Should I worry about firewall issues?
A: No. Using Internet Mail, Sidekick 98 will not create any security problems.

Q. If user3 is delegated a group event and user3 does not have Sidekick 98, user3 can only reply to user2. The event initiator will not receive the decline/accept message.
A: The workaround would be for user3 to create a new message and copy/paste the original message into a message to sent to the initiator.

Q: When I receive a large number (50) of Sidekick 98 messages, it seems as if Sidekick 98 becomes stuck, and I’m not sure what’s happening. (All of the messages eventually appear in the Activities view.)
A: Depending on the number of messages, it may take Sidekick 98 a long time to retrieve them from Exchange and/or the POP3 server. A progress meter has been suggested for future versions.

Q: When prompted in Sidekick 98 for an Exchange password, and I choose off-line, Microsoft Mail is disabled even in Exchange. Exchange will not function until Sidekick 98 is closed.
A: This is a known MAPI and Microsoft Mail driver design issue.

Q: It is not possible to use the Tab or Shift-Tab keys to cycle between the three panel views (Activities, Details, Information) in the Internet Events tab in Activities view. However, once inside each view, the arrow keys work.
A: This is working as designed. Tab is not enabled for these functions in this version.

Q. Using my e-mail 16-bit application WinNET, the font gets changed if Sidekick 98 is loaded. If I then type an e-mail, and save it, WinNET crashes.
A: There is a problem with Computer Witcheraft’s e-mail utility WinNet and Sidekick 98. Because it is a 16-bit application, it is probably trying to use memory space that is used by Sidekick 98. There currently appears to be no workaround other than not running the two programs concurrently. We are looking into this problem and will post information at this location as soon as it becomes available.

Q. When viewing Sidekick 98 messages in my e-mail client, the message text appears to be duplicated. Is this correct?
A: Yes. Sidekick 98 uses 2 sections: one for users and another for the program.

Q. Sidekick 98 doesn’t appear to be sending my messages correctly via Exchange They’re sitting in the Sidekick 98 activities view, and even though I’ve done a Tools | Deliver Now, they’re still sitting in my outbox. What’s wrong?
A: When you use Exchange off-line and schedule events, they are placed in the Exchange Outbox. However, when you launch Exchange and select Tools | Deliver Now, the messages REMAIN in the Outbox and never get delivered. They only get delivered when you do Send/Receive again in Sidekick 98. This is covered in both the User’s Guide and Help.

Q: When I try to fax something from Sidekick 98, it fails to append the dialing prefixes entered into Microsoft Fax.
A: Microsoft MAPI will not append prefix 9 to a fax number if the fax number is not following the format +1(xxx)xxx-xxxx (eg. +1(408)461-5900:OK, but (408)461-5900 or 461-5900: not OK). This is a known problem in Windows 95.

Q: Sidekick won’t start. I’m using Eudora.
A: If Sidekick 98 is loaded first and you try to load Eudora MPI components, it fails to load and gracefully gives an error message indicating that MAPI is already being used. Then, if you shut down Sidekick 98, load the Eudora NMPI components, and restart Sidekick 98, two things can happen.
1. If an Exchange cardfile is open, Sidekick 98 simply fails to load.
2. If not, everything looks fine, but when you try to use Exchange for group scheduling, no messages will be sent out and group scheduling will not work. This will be the case for any e-mail product that replaces Microsoft MAPI DLLs with its own.

Q: Some of my group scheduling icons have changed to Appointment icons after synchronization.
A: This is currently working as designed.

Q: If Sidekick 98 is using Exchange with Dial-up networking, I have to log on while starting Internet Sidekick.
A: If Sidekick 98 is using Exchange as the preferred mail and Exchange connection is Dial-Up networking, and you cancel out of the prompt for dial-up connection, you will not be able to log on at a later time. Sidekick 98 will only allow logging on when Sidekick is launched.

Q: I’ve entered my e-mail address as xxxx*, but when the person I sent the message to looks at the event initiator’s details, he sees Why?
A: Sidekick 98 uses the actual e-mail address you’re sending from, not the e-mail address you entered during setup.

Q: I am scheduling with a Distribution List that I set up in Exchange and I am receiving a message that says: "Some Exchange e-mail addresses that you entered are incorrect. Do you want to continue?"
A: Check to see if you have a Distribution List in Exchange that has invalid addresses.

Q: Why can’t I see all of my Appointments when I click the Appointments tab in Activities view? (I have quite a few!)
A: The limit for this view is 500 appointments.

Q: Why is it that when I have a group event where "to:" is an Internet address, and "cc:" is an Exchange address, in the outbox there is one message that doesn’t look like it has any address?
A: This is as designed by Microsoft. Exchange puts the cc into the cc box, which is correct.

Q: When I add a participant to an event that has already been scheduled, Sidekick 98 asks
me if I want to notify participants which is good. However, if I click no, the new participant doesn’t get added at all.
A: This is working as designed.

Q: Why is it that when sending/receiving group messages, Netscape opens two instances of the browser, and the create mail window? Also, why is the create mail window behind the instances of the browser?
A: This is as designed in Netscape Navigator. There is no way for Sidekick 98 to clearly set focus on the mail window.

Q: I initiated an event, and it was delegated back to me. However, it’s just sitting in my inbox. Why?
A: Because Sidekick 98 is not expecting an initiator to receive a delegated event he/she initiated, Sidekick 98 doesn’t import the message.

Q: The message "POP3 server returned an error: unable to lock mailbox" when I try sending or receiving mail. How can I fix this?
A: Most likely the e-mail server information is not set up correctly. Choose Tools | Preferences | Group Scheduling and click the Electronic Mail tab. Click the Internet button and double-check the Mail server information.

Q: I created a cardfile using the REX and U.S. Robotics Pilot template and now I can not do any group scheduling? Why is this?
A: You can not do any group scheduling, because these templates do not contain the "Internet" field. However, you can modify or add a new field name by choosing Cards | Define Fields. You will then need to re-map the fields when configuring TrueSync.
You can also modify these templates for any new cardfiles you create to add this field, by choosing File | Template.

Contact Log entries are not entered in the correct date sequence SDK98

Q: Contact Log entries made via the phone dialer are not being entered in the correct date sequence in Sidekick 98. Can I do something to fix this problem?
A: Someone has a patch available for Sidekick 98 users that will resolve this issue. Please follow the detailed instructions.

The download site at present is: Here
Download Sidekick98 Patch

Sidekick 95, Internet Sidekick and Sidekick 97 users will need to upgrade to Sidekick 98 and then apply the patch. A copy of Sidekick 98 used to be available to be download for free from the Sidekick 98 patch web page but for now it's here:

Note that the patch also corrects

1. The "mast:wk" error in the calendar,

2. A problem with To Do’s that are dragged to the Goals list but do not appear in the Goals list and

3. The inability to do a Contact Log Report in Sidekick 98.

Contact logs from previous versions cannot be viewed in SDK99

The initial release of Sidekick 99 did not support viewing of the Contact Log. The later version of Sidekick 99 includes the Contact Log, however.
The latest version is v6.01. Check "About Sidekick 99" in the HELP menu.
Look for the paper clip icon at the upper-right of the open card. Click it to open the Contact Log.

Converting Sidekick DOS Files to SK Win3_x and Win95

If you have an older Sidekick DOS version and want to convert it to Sidekick for Windows, there are several methods you can use to accomplish the task. Instructions according to the version of Sidekick that you own follow:

Section 1. Sidekick 1.0 DOS converting to Sidekick 1.0/2.0 for Windows 3.1
Cardfile (Address Book) If you can obtain a copy of Sidekick Plus or Sidekick 2.0 DOS, use either of these applications to open and convert the Sidekick 1.0 DOS Cardfile (Address Book), which then can be opened in Sidekick for Windows.
See Section 2 or 3 for instructions on how to convert your Sidekick 1.0 DOS Address Book using Sidekick Plus or Sidekick 2.0 DOS.
Calendar - The Sidekick Companions Disk (contains a calendar conversion utility called SKCONV.EXE, found in the \Utils directory that will convert your file. Instructions are in the Readme file called SKCONVWRI which is also in the \Utils directory.
Notefiles - These are saved by default to the TXT file format. They can be imported directly into Sidekick 1.0 or Sidekick 2.0 Windows through Tools | Import Cardfile. Be sure to select TXT as the Source file’s format.

Section 2. Sidekick Plus converting to Sidekick Windows 1.0/2.0
Cardfile(Address Book): This file can be imported into Sidekick 1.0/2.0 for Windows using PHUTIL.ZIP. Once the Cardfile is converted into a .CSV format with the help of PHUTIL.ZIP, the Cardfile can then be imported into Sidekick for Windows. (Cardfile View Tools | Import Cardfile, and select the CSV, comma delimited, for the Source file format.
Calendar - Use the conversion utility from the Sidekick 2.0 Windows Companions disk called SKCONV.EXE.
Notefile - Again, these files are saved by default to the TXT file formats. They can be imported directly into Sidekick 1.0 or Sidekick 2.0 Windows through Tools | Import Cardfile. Be sure to select TXT as the Source file’s format.

Section 3. Sidekick DOS 2.0 converting to Sidekick Windows 1.0/2.0
Cardfile (Address Book) This file can be directly imported into Sidekick 1.0 or 2.0 for Windows because Sidekick 2.0 DOS saves its Cardfile as a Paradox .DB file format, which can be directly imported into Sidekick 1.0 or Sidekick 2.0 Windows by using Tools | Import Text file in the Cardfile view..
Calendar files - Use the SKCONV.EXE utility on the Companions Disk. It converts your Sidekick 2.0 DOS Calendar file so it can be opened and read by Sidekick for Windows 1.0 or 2.0.
Notefile - Here also, files are saved by default to the TXT file format which then can be imported directly into Sidekick 1.0 or Sidekick 2.0 Windows through Tools | Import Cardfile. Be sure to select TXT as the Source file’s format.

Is there an update patch for Dashboard 95?

A: Try searching for db95up.exe with Google (or whatever you use) AS THIS FILE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM STARFISH

Dashboard 95 Update - This file (db95up.exe) is a self-extracting archive that addresses several minor problems in Dashboard 95. Please be sure to close Dashboard 95, and run (by double clicking) the file from the folder containing Dashboard 95 (C:\Dashboard95 by default).
Note: This file is designed for use with US version of Dashboard 95 only. If you downloaded Dashboard 95 from an online area, you have the US version.

Data Corruption Procedures For SDK98 Calendar

My Sidekick 98 calendar will not open, or I can no longer see any data in my calendar.

Check to see if the Sidekick data or the program is stored on a network drive. Was it ever stored on a network drive and then brought back into a local drive?
If so data corruption in various forms can crop up by having this configuration. It is therefore neither suggested nor a supported configuration.
If the data is not on a network drive, data corruption can be caused by other issues, including OS issues. Run a scandisk to check for errors. If any are found fix them, also defragment the hard drive and go through the following steps:
* Since it appears that you are only having problems within the calendar section, that is more than likely where the corruption is contained. Please do a search in online help for the word FILES.
* Close out of Sidekick, then rename one of the files (for example the ToDo file) from XXXXTASK.SKW to XXXXTASK.OLD (where the X’s signify the name of the calendar). Sidekick 98 data can be found within the \PROGRAM-FILES\STARFISH\SIDEKICK-98\USERDATA folder by default.
Please note that all data that the particular file holds will be lost, you will then have to re-create that particular data.
* Reopen Sidekick and try getting into the file again. If it gives you the same error, close out of Sidekick, rename the file back to SKW, rename the next calendar file as described above. Do the same steps for each .skw file listed associated with your calendar name.

ETWIN error occurs with SDK98 or SDK99 when left open for a long period of time

When Sidekick 99 is left open for an extended period of time, the "ETWIN.dll A required resource is unavailable error occurs.

Starfish said the following: Currently, we are investigating this problem. We would like to get some feedback from you if you are experiencing the problem. This will help us in diagnosing and fixing the issue.
Unfortunately when contacted, they said they were not supporting SDK98 anymore.
So the following (in red) is pretty irrelevant.
Some things we’ll need to know are;
* Operating System (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000) Also, let us know the exact version number. To find the exact number:
1. Right-click "My Computer"
2. Choose "Properties"
3. Look beneath where it says "Windows XX" for a number (formatted something like "4.10.1998")
* Which version of Internet Explorer you have installed (regardless of whether you use Netscape or some other browser)... IE installs certain system files that affect Windows’ functionality
Choose "Help | About" in IE to find the version number.
Please CONTACT US with this information.

So don’t bother to contact them, as in the end it was an issue with the way Win98SE dealt with memory and I believe the issue does not occur in any other version of Windows.

Error: "Invalid file to complete this action! mast:wk"

I get an error: "Invalid file to complete this action! mast:wk" with my copy of Sidekick. What do I do?

Important Note: Sidekick 97, Internet Sidekick and Sidekick 95 users need to download and install Sidekick 98. (Download a copy of the Sidekick 98 User’s Guide)
Then copy your Sidekick data files, which are stored in the Userdata folder, by default, to the Program Files\Starfish\Sidekick 98\Userdata folder prior to following the instructions below.
Download the self-extracting SK98Patch.exe patch. This patch resolves the "Invalid file to complete this action! mast:wk" issue and enables To Do items to be dragged and dropped into the Goals List.

Download Here Sidekick98PatchDownloadPage

Make sure to follow these instructions:
1. Back up your Sidekick 98 data, which is stored in the Program Files\Starfish\Sidekick 98\Userdata folder by default.
2. If your To Do’s are not forwarding, you will also need to do these steps, otherwise, skip to step 3:
Open Sidekick 98 and find the last day that To Do’s appear. Note this date and close Sidekick 98.
Open the *INIT.SKW, where * is equal to your calendar name, in the Program Files\Starfish\Sidekick 98\Userdata folder using Notepad or WordPad. Search for the text "LastEditTime" under the [CalTodo] section. Change the date to the last date that your To Do’s appeared (e.g. 01/03/00) then save the changes. If you use WordPad, a dialog will appear prompting you to select the file format to save the document. Select Text Document then close WordPad.
3. If you renamed your Sidekick 98 goals file *MAST.SKW to .OLD as a workaround, you will need to rename it back to *MAST.SKW.
4. Go to the Program Files\Starfish\Sidekick 98\Program folder. Rename the existing Sidekick.exe to Sidekick.old.
5. Select Run from Windows Start menu and Browse to find and select the downloaded SK98Patch.exe patch. Click Open then click OK. Click Unzip to install the update if you installed Sidekick 98 to the default C:\Program Files\Starfish\Sidekick 98\Program folder (or click Browse to go to the Sidekick 98\Program folder.) Click OK, then close the WinZip Self-Extractor.
6. Open Sidekick 98. Your goals and To Do’s should now appear and the mast:wk error message will not occur.

How can I tell whether I’ve got the updated version of Sidekick 99?
Choose Help, About Sidekick 99. If you have version 6.01, you already have the updated version. If you have version 6.0, you do not have the updated version. The updated version includes the contact log and fixes several small problems.
As of May 2001, the updated version of Sidekick 99 is no longer available. Starfish apoplogizes for any inconvenience.

I cannot use the "W X Y Z" index in my cardfile

If I click on any of them it acts like I clicked "A." I have to manually scroll down if I want to access anything past letter "V."
How can I fix this?
This problem is fixed by Sidekick99 version
unfortunately this is no longer available

Internet Utilities manual

Where can I download the manual for Internet Utilities?

It used to say:
Click on the link below to download:
Starfish Internet Utilities 1.1 (Adobe Acrobat format) - 9/16/96 1.9MB
The link was:
Now it is a dead link!

Is SDK98 and SDK99 compatible with WindowsXP?
Will SDK98 and SDK99 run on WindowsXP?

SDK98 and SDK99 is an older Starfish product, and has not been tested on WindowsXP.
Some users have reported success using SDK98 and SDK99 on WinXP, and some users have reported problems.
Technical support for Sidekick98/Sidekick99 is no longer available from Starfish unless you have a Password

Check out posts at in the Starfish Sidekick forum and check out their FAQ pages
The consensus seems to be, that both run perfectly well on XP in fact a few people say that Sidekick 2.0 does too.
See also Q20

Is SDK98 and SDK99 compatible with WindowsXP?

Will Sidekick run on WindowsXP?

Starfish has not tested Sidekick on WindowsXP.
Some users have reported success using Sidekick on WinXP, and some users have reported problems.
Sidekick is no longer supported, and we have no plans on further development or testing.

Check out posts at in the Starfish Sidekick forum and check out their FAQ pages
The consensus seems to be, that both run perfectly well on XP in fact a few people say that Sidekick 2.0 does too.

See also Q19

Memo Questions & Answers

A list of frequently asked questions regarding Memos.

Q: The information in Cardfile and Write extends across the screen and covers the Sidekick 98 icons on the right-side of the screen. The Sidekick 98 screen appears normal when EarthTime, Calendar, Expense, or Activities is selected. Why is this happening?
A: Most likely, there is a problem with the SKLAYOUT.SKW file in the Program Files\Sidekick 98\data folder. To resolve, exit Sidekick 98, using Windows Explorer, rename SKLAYOUT.SKW to SKLAYOUT.OLD, then restart Sidekick 98. A new default SKLAYOUT.SKW will then be created.

Q: When I enter Memos view to view a document, I am prompted to save changes, although I have not made any changes. Why is that?
A: If you switch between documents of folders in any Memo file, you are prompted to save the file so that the particular document you were last reviewing will be recorded by Sidekick 98.

Q: I want to export documents from a Sidekick 95 Write folder, then import them into a new folder in the existing Sidekick 98 Memo file. The only way I found to do this was to manually copy documents from Sidekick 95 using the clipboard, then import into Sidekick 98 using the clipboard. Is there an easier way?
A: Open the Sidekick 95 Write file with Sidekick 98, select or mark the documents, then select Memos | Memo | Extract. Save this to a temporary Memo file. Open the Sidekick 98 existing Write file, then select Memos | Folder | Combine to merge.

Q: The Edit | Copy and Edit | Paste commands do not work in the Viewport with Goals, To Do’s, Call’s or Appointments when in Memos view. I am trying to cut/paste information from the Viewport into a current Memo document.

A: That is working as designed. It is not possible to cut/paste information from the Viewport into a Memo document.

Q: While trying to print, an error message appeared referencing EPCTRIL.DLL, then Sidekick 98 crashed. When restarted, a message indicated, "Lost data". All attempts to click "yes/ok" to recover it resulted in further crashes. Clicking "no", however, recovered from the problem. Why is that?
A: EPCTRL.DLL is likely the printer driver file for an Epson Stylus II printer. It may not be compatible with the display driver.

Q: In print preview, the page numbers are missing. When I print, everything is OK.
A: That is working as designed.
Subject: 22HotSync Error Failed local synch notification 8009.txt
Message-HotSync Error Failed local synch notification 8009

Q.After installing Sidekick 98 and TrueSync, the following error after sync in log : HotSync started 10/15/97 13:53:03 HotSync Error: Failed local sync notification. (8009) HotSync Error: Failed local sync notification. (8009) After much experimenting, I discovered that this only happens with Network HotSync (running in local mode). If I run the HotSync that come with SDK98 (HotSync v2.0) it works fine.
HotSync Log message: HotSync Error: Failed local sync notification. (8009)
Pilot HotSync Log message: HotSync was terminated. Some of your data was NOT backed up.
An application on the desktop failed to respond to a confirmation query. This application may need to be restarted.
A.Copy the following files, which should be in the TrueSync 2.5 folder to the Pilot folder: sisaddr.dll, sisdate.dll, sismemo.dll, sisn.dll, and sistodo.dll
Note: Pilot Desktop 2.0, then Network HotSync Manager, then Sidekick 98 and TrueSync 2.5 should be installed in that order.

HotSync was interrupted Some of the data was NOT backed up
Q. When I’m trying to hot sync, I get the message "HotSync was interrupted. Some of the data was NOT backed up. For details, tap Hot Sync Log on the screen". The HotSync log says the same statement. When this happened before, I reinstalled both SideKick 98 ® and the PalmPilot desktop and the problem went away.
Now it is back.
A. If you happen to have any HotSync Manager shortcuts in Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp delete them, close all applications, restart Win95, and then try synching again.

REX CardWizard did not detect any Plug and Play components on your system

CardWizard recognizes the REX device, but tells me: "CardWizard did not detect any Plug and Play installation components on your system." How can I fix this?
A. The REX device was designed to use the standard Windows 95 PC Card (PCMCIA) drivers that recognize the device as Plug and Play. Your machine is loading third party drivers instead, which can cause this problem. To resolve this, do the following:
1. Plug the device into the PC Card slot.
2. From the Windows Start menu, choose Programs - CardWorks - CardWizard.
3. Right-click the REX - SRAM card, choose Properties, and then click the Drivers tab.
4. Click the "Change Driver" check box, click "Use Plug and Play," then click OK. A message indicating that the card is not recognized will appear; however, you should now be able to synchronize to the device.
Note: These instructions were written using third party software by SystemSoft called CardSoft v4.2, dated 3/13/96.
If you are using SystemSoft’s Card Wizard Version 5.32.12 9/5/97 when the device is inserted into the PC Card slot, an alert Window appears stating that it does not know what drivers to install for the device. The user is prompted to select either "Have disk from the manufacturer" or "Use CardSoft Mode." Select "Use CardSoft Mode" to configure the device as an SRAM card, and then follow the instructions listed above to configure the device as Plug and Play.
If you are using a different version of CardSoft or loading other third party drivers these specific instructions may not apply. What is important is that the device is specified as Plug and Play.

SDK98 a required DLL file SFRES DLL was not found

Q. When I run Sidekick 98, the message "A required DLL file, SFRES.DLL was not found" appears.
What may be causing this?
A. The "A required DLL file, SFRES.DLL was not found" or "The dynamic link library SFRES.dll could not be found in the specified path" error will occur if you try to launch Sidekick.exe from a folder that is missing other necessary program files.
For example, by default, Sidekick.exe is installed into the Starfish\Sidekick 98\program folder, as are the other program files. Check the Sidekick.exe modified date in Windows Explorer and make sure it is dated 1/5/00 or later.
In addition, if you downloaded and installed Sidekick 98 and then installed the SK98Patch.exe, make sure any shortcuts you may have created point to the new Sidekick 98\program\Sidekick.exe.

SDK99 Cannot find the file cityinfo dat.txt

Q. "Cannot find the file \ cityinfo.dat, which is required for running this application.
Followed by:
Message: "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error!
At the end of the Installation process, the error "Can not find the file \cityinfo.dat, which is required for running this application." occurs when Sidekick 99 tries to open.
What should I do?
A. Here are two possible solutions:
1. If the file License.txt resides in the root directory (usually C:\) before beginning the installation process, this error will occur. To resolve, delete the License.txt file. Choose Add/Remove Programs from the Windows Control Panel and remove Sidekick 99 and TrueSync Plus. Restart Windows and then rerun the Installation program
2. Using Windows Explorer, search your hard drive for the file CITYINFO.DAT. If it is found, rename it to CITYINFO.OLD. Then choose Programs | Sidekick 99 | Product Updates to update Sidekick.
3. If you own a REX Classic and originally installed TrueSync Desktop and then installed Sidekick 99, this problem may be due to trying to run TrueSync Desktop rather than Sidekick. To check this, go to the Windows Start menu. If you see both REX TrueSync Desktop and Sidekick 99 listed, select TrueSync Desktop If TrueSync Desktop runs without the cityinfo.dat error, then do the following:
- If you are running Windows 95 or Windows 98, delete the REX TrueSync shortcut from the Windows\Start Menu.
- If you are running Windows NT, delete the REX TrueSync shortcut from the WinNT\Profiles\All Users\Start Menu.

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